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Primalogik 360 wins "Great User Experience" award from FinancesOnline

Monday, August 29, 2016

One of the key Primalogik 360 differentiators with other tools available in the market is its simplicity. From the very beginning, Primalogik 360 was designed with the end user in mind.

Just recently Primalogik 360 was awarded both the "Great User Experience" and "Rising Star" awards from FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories, highlighting this particular aspect of our solution.

As FinancesOnline mentioned to us:
We are happy to inform you that Primalogik 360 was distinguished with our Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for our top HR software category. Primalogik 360 also met our experts’ quality standards and it was granted our Verified Quality Seal. This seal is a guarantee of your product’s credibility.


We are happy and humbled by such recognition.

In their Primalogik 360 review, FinancesOnline highlights the Great User Experience, as defined:

This goes to the core of what we do at Primalogik. Primalogik 360 was built, and continues to be built using the KISS principle. We want to make sure that there is minimum training needed for admins and no training required for participants at all.

When you are administering surveys across your organization to hundreds and thousands of employees, you do not want to spend time on and focus on training users on how to use the survey tool. Primalogik 360 sends automatic reminders with easy links to follow, it provides an uncluttered user experience focused on results while keeping a friendly and modern look.

The Rising Star award highlights our contributions even as a newcomer to the market:

We accept the news about both awards with pride and satisfaction, and promise to commit ourselves to keep designing and improving Primalogik 360 with the end user in mind.

If you would like to give Primalogik 360 a try, you can easily do so by starting a 30-day Free Trial.

Our clients are talking, and they are happy!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Primalogik started its humble beginnings more than 4 years ago with a vision to provide flexible, simple, and affordable Performance Management solutions. The solutions that were available on the market were either too complicated to use, too cumbersome to setup, and just too expensive. We believe that good management requires good tools and we hope that Primalogik 360 helps foster better management.
Our clients have rewarded us with their continued business and support. And they have gone the extra mile to say so.

As early as 2013 we started getting great reviews. Rose Sarti, Special Events Manager from The Heat and Warmth Fund said:
The customer service was quick and efficient and they were very patient with all of my questions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a 360 on managers or CEO's.
Clients from around the world have been praising Primalogik 360's simple approach. Verónica Botto, HR Consultant with Contract Workplaces in Buenos Aires, Argentina stated:
Proved to be a useful and simple tool that allowed us to smoothly implement the online version of our performance review process. Was a great experience to work with Primalogik platform.
In August 2014, Suzanne Darrow-Magras, Learning & Development Manager from International Capital and Management Company said on her Capterra's online review:
When our organization was searching for a performance support tool that would allow us to measure pre- and post-program data for 260 managers, the capabilities, cost and user-friendliness of the Primalogik 360 tool were standouts. As I was the person who needed to manage the implementation and rollout of the tool, on top of my many others tasks, it was essential that the tool was easy to set-up and that the use of the product was intuitive for end-users. The Primalogik 360 platform has delivered on all of these points. But what really stands out, and sets Primalogik apart, is the dedication and support shown by the CEOs and Co-founders, Gabriel Dominguez Martin and David Lévesque. They have gone the extra mile in ensuring that the tool meets my business needs that I receive regular reports, and that custom modifications have gone into effect in a timely manner. They are responsive in addressing my many questions and concerns. I have especially appreciated the collaborative/brainstorming approach they have taken with me in regards to product enhancements. I highly recommend both Primalogik 360 as a reliable, effective tool, as well as the outstanding consultative service provided by the Primalogik 360 team. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss my recommendation further.
Glowing reviews like the one from Suzanne are hard to come by for any company. We're blessed to have such supportive clients that share the passion for Performance Management and good tools. We continuously seek feedback from our clients with respect to new modules and features we implement. The recent Employee Journal addition is no exception. A great tool to keep notes on an employee during the review cycle leads to more valuable feedback and less hearsay. Read more about the Employee Journal here.

There are many more reviews from our clients. You can see them on Capterra's review site, where all reviews are validated.

Krystel Quesada, HR Lead from the Namu Travel Group clearly states efficiency as one of the key elements of the Primalogik 360 solution:
It has been a super helpful tool for our company. We have been able to move to a quicker performance review process thanks to this software.
And Lia Dicicco, Interim Executive Director from ArtStarts in Schools highlights some of the useful features included in Primalogik 360:
The set up was quite easy, and we received the support we needed. The reports themselves are well laid out. I do appreciate the auto reminder emails that get sent out. This has really streamlined our 360 review process.
I wanted to highlight as well the comments we received from Gordon Bluechel, Director of Operations from Access Laser Company.  Gordon has been a client of Primalogik since October 2015 and already has some positive experiences to share with respect to his use of Primalogik 360.
We have just completed our second round of Primalogik 360 feedback reviews. The process is extremely helpful in providing information to help employees see where their coworkers really appreciate them, while at the same time offering the opportunity for valuable conversations about areas need improvement. By referring back to the previous round, employees get encouraged when they see improvements in their results. 
The flexibility of the questionnaire build tool reduces the amount of time it takes to create meaningful surveys. There was also significant time savings with the process of handling performance reviews. What took a couple of weeks of almost dedicated time was accomplished in far few hours. The back and forth process also created a performance discussion between manager and employee rather than a monologue dominated by the manager. Having all of the information online and available to the individual managers makes it easy to utilize too. 
Being allowed to try it out for free was also great. By the time we were through our trial period, we completed our process but the value we received was enough that we subscribed so that we can maintain continuity for the next year and beyond.
The support we received from Primalogik is extremely strong. We wanted a few custom ratings and they turned those around within an hour of requesting them. They also helped us to understand how to use the system in an optimal way.
As Gordon mentions, remember that there is a very easy way to try out Primalogik 360. We provide a full no-commitment required 30-day Free Trial. All you have to do is sign with your email address and you'll be on your way to better, more effective and efficient Performance Management.

More Facts Lead to More Effective Performance Reviews

Monday, July 18, 2016

There's nothing less effective than telling somebody "get better at your job", "improve your performance", or "don't be like that", without actually explaining how to get better, what about their performance needs to improve, or why 'that' isn't appropriate. Yet time and time again we see managers doing exactly that when handling performance management for their employees.

The problem with those generic statements is that they're hardly actionable items, are they? The person receiving those comments doesn't really know what to do with them. "What do I have to improve exactly?", "What have I done wrong precisely?", "How can I avoid doing it in the future when I don't know what 'it' is?".

Boost Employee Independence with the Right Performance Management Techniques

Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Independence Day for last weekend! We hope you had a fantastic weekend, we certainly did.

The holidays actually got us thinking about independence when it comes to employees - when you think of employee independence, what comes to mind? Independence, autonomy, empowerment - these are all words that organizations should have in mind when it comes to their workforce, but do employees at your organization have these things?

The problem is, not every manager or leader knows how to get there, because it's not always an exact science. While there are a number of different tools and techniques that organizations can use to really get the most out of their employees, the one we're going to look at today is the employee performance management system.

Powerful Employee Engagement Surveys - Know how your staff feels

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Opinion Survey module within the Primalogik 360 platform can be used for Employee Engagement surveys as well as Employee Satisfaction surveys. These surveys are a key tool for HR professionals and Executive teams to gather information from their staff.

Whether you are thinking of instituting a new program or making modifications to an existing program, these surveys are a great ingredient to gather information from the affected staff about what is about to occur or what has occurred.

4 Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Many organizations now include remote workers as part of their overall workforce, seeing the benefits of flexible working to the employer as well as the employee. Some might say it's even more important to have a policy for employee engagement when it comes to remote workers because the old adage 'out of sight, out of mind' could apply in cases where a remote worker feels undervalued.

Some of the more traditional methods of boosting employee engagement, like having a physical 'open door' policy or sitting down together as a team, don't always seem like the obvious choice when it comes to engaging remote employees. With that in mind, how do you ensure that they feel motivated, engaged with the business, and appreciated as a valued member of the team?

Introducing multiple-choice questions and flexible manager deadlines

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

With the latest upgrade of Primalogik 360 we introduced the capability of adding multiple-choice questions to the questionnaires as well as configuring the deadline for managers to complete the Employee Appraisals.

Both of these were requests from several of our clients, and in the spirit of keeping it simple, we worked quite hard to bring the benefits of this new functionality with minimum training required and maximum functionality.

Multiple-choice questions

More than one option
With this added functionality you can create a question where the respondent can select more than one answer. See for instance the example below:

More than one option available to respond

Only one option
The other common use of multiple choice questions is when you ask for only one answer. The new Primalogik 360 also offers this capability for questions like the following.

Only one option available to respond

As you can see the interface remains simple and intuitive. The creation of these questionnaires is also as simple. Just look for another question type in the pull-down menu:

Adding a multiple-choice question

And once you add a multiple-choice question the interface remains extremely simple, as seen below:

Multiple-choice question editor

Flexible manager deadlines
In previous versions of the application, once a self-review deadline was selected, the application would automatically calculate 14 days past that self-review date to give a deadline to the manager for him/her to complete the process.

With the new version you now have the possibility of controlling this date on your own.

Take a look at how the new interface looks like:

Flexible manager deadline

We continue to make regular improvements to the Primalogik 360 application. Stay tuned for the Employee Journal, coming soon.

If you haven't tried Primalogik 360 yet, why not sign up for a Free Trial with no obligations nor commitments. You can use the application fully for 30 days. Sign up today for a Free Trial.

Managing a geographically dispersed team. How do you know what is really going on?

Monday, June 6, 2016

I used to manage a group of about 15 people. Only 5 of them were co-located with me, with their cubicles outside my office. The other 10 were distributed throughout North America, spanning three different timezones.

When you have a distributed team, knowing how well they’re performing can be challenging. Even though you focus on results, and that’s one of the most important areas, everything is not just about results.  Remote employees also need support and help from other team members, and as such, they interact with other people.  In this day and age, the interaction can be via a large number of media:
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Chat
  • Instant Messaging
  • Skype, google hangouts or some other video conference tool