Tons of improvements released in the past 6 months

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

During the past few months we've been extremely busy making our app even better, easier to use and more user friendly. You can see the complete list of enhancements and bug fixes in our release notes. If you are only interested in the bigger and most important items, take a look at these highlights:

Administration features

Creating user accounts is now much easier and faster. It's now possible to create a group of user accounts from a Spreadsheet with a few clicks. Organizations that use Google Apps can also import user accounts form their Google Apps domain.

Import users from a spreadsheet
Import users from a spreadsheet

Other enhancements related to users and accounts:
  • We've added a few new fields to the user accounts and employee profiles. We've added Hire Date, Exit Date, Job Description, Résumé and Compensation.
  • We introduced a new privilege, called Questionnaire Management. You can grant that privilege to users that need to be able to create and modify questionnaires.

Application Branding

It's now possible to customize the logo that appears on the top menu of the app and on the top bar included in all email notifications the app sends out. Add your own logo so that you users instantly recognize the app and where those email reminders are coming from.

Customize application logo
Customize application logo

360-degree feedback enhancements

You can now have your custom rating scales. Our default 6-point rating scale (from Strongly disagree to Strongly agree) works very well in a lot of situations but in some cases that scale is just not ideal. We can now provide you with your own custom rating scale (you can pick the number of items in the scale, the labels for each item and whether or not you want an "N/A" option in the scale).

Custom rating scales
Custom rating scales

Other improvements related to 360-degree feedback surveys:
  • Comments in the results page are now displayed in a random order to improve on anonymity.
  • In the results page it is now possible to hide the comparison column. This may be useful when you want to generate a PDF report that does not contain comparison info.

We're now working on the next batch of enhancements and features. We have an interesting roadmap ahead of us. If you have feedback, suggestions or if you want a feature to be added to our roadmap, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Enhanced integration with Google Apps

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We're constantly looking for ways to make our performance management solution better and more convenient. With convenience in mind we implemented login/SSO integration with Google accounts since day one. At the end of last year we enhanced that integration to streamline the login experience for our clients using Google Apps and we got listed on the Google Apps Marketplace. Our integration just got a lot better. You can now import users from your Google Apps domain.

Primalogik on the Google Apps Marketplace

Adding our app to your domain is easy and there's minimum configuration required. Contact us if you need the technical details.

Primalogik 360 on the Google Apps Marketplace

Importing users form Google Apps

If you use Google Apps, you do not need to manually create accounts for each user or to batch import from a file. Administrators can now import users from their Google Apps domain with a few simple clicks. By clicking on the new "Import from Google" button, an administrator can view, select and import users from a Google Apps domain in a batch directly from our app.

Introducing uncomplicated Performance Appraisals

Monday, February 3, 2014

At Primalogik we're constantly improving our service, making it better and easier to use on each iteration. Our main goals: build the best performance management solution and help organizations recognize, motivate and develop their employees and leaders. Today we're adding a brand new tool with those goals in mind.

Introducing uncomplicated Performance Appraisals

Today we're announcing the addition of a new Performance Appraisals module. We're making performance appraisals simple and lightweight. Our simple approach encourages frequent reviews. We believe the process does not need to be heavyweight and complicated and happen only once a year.

Employee performance appraisals
Performance appraisals in 3 easy steps

Keep it simple. Review often.

The performance appraisal "season" does not need to be that time of the year dreaded by employees and managers alike. People dislike the performance appraisal processes mostly when they are overly complicated, time consuming and performed only once a year focusing on behavior from the past.

Employees really enjoy and value regular, timely feedback from their managers. Our lightweight process is an incentive to exactly that: regular appraisals and timely feedback. Primalogik 360 simplifies the appraisal. It only takes three simple steps:
  • Step 1: Employee self-evaluation.
  • Step 2: Manager assessment.
  • Step 3: Results sharing.
Reminders and status updates make sure everyone involved knows what's the next step. The new module integrates seamlessly with our existing 360-degree feedback module.

You can try it out right now at

See the press release: Primalogik launches new Performance Appraisal solution

Sharing survey results online

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Primalogik 360 gets better every week. We are constantly improving our product and launching new features to make 360° feedback surveys easy to organize.

Last week, we announced the addition of survey progress emails to keep you informed of the progress of your surveys. Today we're introducing the ability to share results online, using the new Share button.

Sharing 360 degree survey results
The "share" button

You can now share the results of a survey with the person being evaluated via the new "Share" button. You can still download a PDF report and send it via email if that's what you prefer. The new share button is an alternative way of distributing results, and it takes only two clicks. Once you share survey results, the employee will be able to view them online via the app. The employee will also receive an email that explains where they can be found.

Introducing automated survey progress emails

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Users launching 360-degree feedback surveys can now keep an eye on the progress of their surveys without logging in to the application. Primalogik 360 now sends automated survey progress emails showing the progress of surveys along with a list of people that have yet to respond to them.

Here's an example of how the email looks like:

360-degree feedback survey progress email
Sample survey progress email

How many emails? How often are these email sent?

Here are the details:
  • Users will not receive individual emails for each individual survey. The system combines all your ongoing/recent surveys in the same email message.
  • A first update is sent 24 hours after surveys are launched.
  • Regular updates are sent at 7 day intervals after that.
  • Two more updates are sent around the deadline of the survey (one 24 hours before the deadline and one right when the survey ends).